Andrew Rump's Open Source projects

Dreamed up 1997. Created June 15, 2013. Updated February 26, 2017.

I just have to admit that I never got around to release any of my code so it was easy accessable in the public but now I will try.

Below is a list of my projects.


Invented: ~2010. Implemented: Not yet.

Have you ever wondered...





Created: ~1995

The first open source project I ever created was dumb - DOS/Unix/Mac/backward.


It is a small program written in plain old ANSI C to be easy portable which is able to "convert" (ASCII) text files from one platform to another.

I created it because I always had problems transferring text files from one platform to another. There are other tools out there, e.g., unix2dos, dos2unix, etc., but they didn't cover all platforms, e.g., Mac and just didn't work right!



Created: November 12, 2012

I created php - Personal Home Page system - for my girlfriend as she needed a small and simple cms.

The source may be found at her website:


May be found in the source.

Andrew's Intelligent Repeat - I haven't found a name for this project yet

Invented: ~1990


This is a project I have dreamt about for a long time ever since I started using computers for more than simple tasks. But I have not been able to find any program which do what computers do best namely repetitive tasks - when the computer detects that the user are doing the same operation over and over again and again, i.e., not a (simple) scripting system!

I have searched high and low and usually find what I am looking for but my search has until now been in vain.

I recently (August 11, 2013) asked on Quora but are still waiting for an answer

Are there a program/utility which detects that I am doing a repetitive task on a computer and automagically take over and perform the repetitive task until they are done?

I think it is amazing that computers still can't help is for instance when we reformat a document, source code or perform other repetitive tasks. Computers are perfect for repetitive tasks - so let them do it.
I am a programmer myself so I know it is not an easy task but I am surprised that this has not been implemented yet apart from simple macro scripts. The system I am looking for should not be as low level as macro scripts because they would be to complicated to handle normal editing but "intelligent" enough to perform the same repetitive tasks that I do and ask when in doubt, i.e., step back, look & learn before continuing the task.