When did I do what?

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Here some information about what happened when in my life - I've left out quite a few details - and nothing has been added - I hope! :-)

2. August 1963 I was born - no there is no picture from that event. :-)
1970-1979 Went to school - nothing special here!
1979-1984 Went to Gymnasium - if my father haven't brought a programmable calculator (TI-59 from Texas Instruments) home from work maybe things would have turned out different! Now I spent a lot of time in the schools computer room programming COMAL & UCSD Pascal programs!
August 1983 I went to the University in Aarhus to study computer science - and spent most of the time in the computer terminal room programming using all kinds of different programming languages including Pascal, Prolog, COMAL, BASIC, etc.!
September 1984 Bought my first own home computer: an Amstrad CPC464
1984-1986 I became a freelance journalist for the Danish version of the Amstrad computer magazine.
1985-1996 I also became a sysop on a Fido BBS system where the readers could dial in and exchange E-mail and files - that was quite something at that time!
August 1985 I switched education to Aarhus Business College to take the Datamatician education (Datamatiker).
1986 Developed a computer interface in Z80 assembler for Lego which made it possible to control a Lego model from a computer - I've never laughed so much in my life! This was version 0 of Lego MindStorms.
December 1987 I finished the Datamatician education and moved back to Sealand.
February 1988 I got a job at AmbraSoft A/S as a software engineer.
Worked with PC's making software for one of the Danish saving banks and got the first real contact to the Internet.
January 1989 Started on the EEC RACE project at Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) as a consultant (still employed by AmbraSoft A/S).
  • Worked with Sun Sparc workstations making multi-media, -user, -tasking, -database, -server, -client, ... applications for RESAM (Remote Expert Support for Aircraft Maintenance) !
August 1991 Finished the EEC project and returned to AmbraSoft A/S.
March 1992 Got a job at UNIRAS A/S. Got laid off when the company went bankrupt.
May 1993 Got a job at ScanView A/S.
  • Worked with a software RIP (ScriptWorks from Harlequin) under Windows NT.
    We used all kinds af languages to implement our projects including: C, C++, assembler and PostScript.
  • Implemented an OPI server (which enabled users to work with and manipulate low res images and when they printed out their finished work (without the images) inserted the high res counterpart which made working with images much faster)
1995 I created the first version of these homepages at GeoCities.
May 1996 Got a job at Blik og Rørarbejderforbundet (Blik og Rør) as software developer.
Work with Windows NT and Linux to implement and run Blik og Rør's internal and external services which include:
  • Mail servers and services running on MS Windows 2000
    • Microsoft Exchange mailserver
    • MAILSweeper mail gateway including
      • SECRETSweeper for encrypting and decrypting mails for secure communication
  • All kinds of internal programs programmed using:
    • MicroSoft Visual Studio
      • VC++
        • ISAPI - plugin for the IIS
      • VB (don't make me do it again!)
    • PHP
    • ASP (urgh!)
    • ...
  • Webservers running on Linux (Apache) and MS Windows 2000 (IIS)
    • Using PostNuke (on Linux) to support our internet and intranet webservers.
    • PHP for webdevelopment
  • Databases
  • ...
September 2006 Got a job at FOA (Fag og Arbejde) as software developer.
Work with Unix to implement and run FOA's internal and external services which include:
  • Member service
    • member cards
    • statistics
    • ...
  • All kinds of programs using:
    • Ingres Vision
    • Urgh - Perl!!!
  • Database
February 2008 Got a job at pulz8 Communications as system administrator/software developer.
I take care of the internal systems including homepage, network, servers while my colleagues implemented a great system which allows mobile units, e.g., trains, to have contact with earth for: internet on board, TV, train control, ...
My main responsibilities was:
  • Servers (Ubuntu)
  • Network
  • Firewall (Cisco)
  • DNS (GratisDNS)
  • Database (MySQL)
  • Version control system (svn)
  • Bug reporting system (internal) (Trac)
  • Intranet homepage (Zikula->Joomla)
  • Internet homepage (Joomla)
  • Bug reporting system (external) (Billets)
  • Mail/calendar system (Google Apps)
  • ...
  • Ad hoc system, i.e., temperature control, USB-controlled attenuator control, ...
  • Finding and ordering technical material, ...
  • ...
March 2012 Got a job at Novo Nordisk as a software engineer in the GLIA (GLobal Information & Analysis) department (previously known as Library).
I was part of a small IT team which managed the systems used by our colleagues world wide.
My main responsibilities was:
  • Implemented Digital Signage using:
  • GUM (GLIA User Management). An object oriented system which I programmed in C# which used: T-SQL, REST, XML, FTP, ... to maintain user databases on some of the internal & external systems incl. automagic subscription (when they started) and unsubscription of users (when they left the company).
  • Implemented SAML to give users seamless access to some of our internal & external systems.
  • Diagnosed all network issues when users could not access our internal & external systems.
  • Maintained TMS (The Museum System) & eMuseum
  • Implemented systems:
    • to continuously transfer data between systems using SSH
    • to retrieve email from an external IMAP server and "remail" it internally
    • ...
  • ...

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