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(Some of) the Rump family addresses

This page contains a list of addresses of (some of the) Rump family members. Their name will be a link, if they have a homepage. A list of (some of the) Rump-family homepages are located under Homepages.

NOTE: The addresses on Rump family web-site may under no circumstances be used to send unsolicited material (spam) - unless it is relevant for the individual address!

Some people (read: spammers) just cannot understand the principle of privacy on the Internet, so we have been forced to remove the e-mail addresses from this page!!!
If you really need an e-mail address of one of the members of the Rump-family feel free to e-mail to stating why you need the address - but don't ask us to forward anything to anybody or we will report you of spamming!!!

Name Mail addresses Electronic addresses
Leif Andrew Rump
Holsteinborgvej 11, 3
2720 Vanløse
Mobile: +45 2273 2448
Didi Rump
678 Surrey Drive
Baie-D'Urfé H9X1C5
Phone: (home) +1 514-627-0646
Leif Rump
Married to Thea Rump
Ved Ringen 5, st. tv.
4000 Roskilde
Phone (home): +45 4576 6218
Thea Rump (Dorothea Lisbeth Maud Howes)
Married to Leif Rump
Ved Ringen 5, st. tv.
4000 Roskilde
Tlf (home): +45 4576 6218

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Other addresses and useful information

Name Mail address Electronic addresses
Questions about the Rump-family   E-mail:
Information about anything in relation to the Rump-family   E-mail:
PostMaster   E-mail:
The Rump family account Nordea
Vanloese Afdeling
Jernbane Alle 47
2720 Vanloese
Registration number: 2114
Account number: 6443572528
Phone: +45 3582 9000
Fax: +45 3582 1285
WebMaster   E-mail:

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Created March 20, 1999; Updated March 21, 2004 .

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