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Welcome to the

Danish: Vælg venligst Dansk for at se den danske version af denne web-site.


The web-site is financed by its users, but accept donations which are used to support the projects that is happening within the Rump-community, e.g., the maintenance of the Rump-family family tree and advertisements of Rump-gatherings on
Donations may be depositet to "The Rump Family Account" number 2114 6443572528 (in the Danish bank Nordea, Jernbane Allè 47, 2720 Vanloese, Denmark, Swift: NDEA BK KK)

There are a "few" linguistic hick ups in our web pages, which need to be corrected! Do help us if you feel the urge. Just send an e-mail to E-mail

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The web-site contains a list of (some of the) Rump family member's addresses and homepages.

Feel free to e-mail E-mail, if your have any questions about the domain.

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