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What is is a web-site for the Rump-family. This site will only contain information we want to give to others!
Everybody with family relations to the Rump-family may obtain an e-mail alias or account and a homepage under


Under rump.dkOutside
E-mail account DKKR 150,- / quarter = 600,- / year
E-mail alias DKKR 0,- / quarter = 0,- / year DKKR 50,- / quarter = 200,- / year
Under Outside
WWW DKKR 250,- / quarter = 1000,- / year DKKR 50,- / quarter = 200,- / year

The amount may be depositet to "The Rump Family Account" number 2114 6443572528 (in the Danish bank Nordea, Jernbane Allè 47, 2720 Vanloese, Denmark, Swift: NDEA BK KK), when you have filled out the form below and submitted it.
Please remember to write your name and address on the deposit.

Enter into the address list and/or creation of e-mail, homepage, etc. under

Important: All user must follow the rules for usage of

Please fill out the form below or contact E-mail to get an e-mail alias or e-mail account and/or a homepage under the

Fill out the form with the information you want to be published - your name is required.
Please make sure that you check all the checkmarks required - we do it this way to make sure that you do want to publish the information you enter!
Contact address
Disclose e-mail adresse on the page with addresses. e-mail address (min 3 characters)
(Use only: a-z, _, 0-9 and period)
E-mail type Account Alias - enter the e-mail address to receive the e-mail:
E-mail address outside
Disclose address, phonenumber, etc. on the page with addresses.

Phone (incl. country code)
Mobile (incl. country code)
Fax (incl. country code)
Request homepage (The address will always be listed on the page with Rump-homepages - the search engines will eventually find it anyways!)
Please enter homepage name if you don't have a e-mail address or you wish to use another name:
(Use only: a-z, _, 0-9 and period)
The homepage should refer to the homepage address entered below:

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Created November 12, 1998; Updated March 29, 2003 .

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