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Usage of

These rules apply for e-mail, webpages and any other usage of

Usage of may only happen if the following conditions are meet:

  • Unsolicited e-mail (UCE, spam), bulk e-mailing, etc. are not allowed! This does not apply only for adverticement (commercial or non-commercial) but for all communication using
  • Users of most behave ethical & morally correct and obey the laws in both the sender and receiver country of the communication.
  • E-mail may only be mailed to e-mail addresses which either is:
    • given personally to the sender by the receiver (an e-mail itself only allow for response about the subject and content of the e-mail but does not constitute a general acceptens of e-mails from the receiver in general unless the sender give his or her consent for his address to be used as such) or
    • the sender got the address from somebody who got the address personally and use them for the same purpose as the original obtainer of the address who got them personally or
    • the receiver has published an e-mail address for instance on a webpage and the content of the e-mail is in agreement with the receiver or
    • registered using confirmed opt-in - using a random confirmation key to avoid bogus registrations. The owner of the mailing list must store all registrations including mail headers.
  • Requests to stop sending mails to an e-mail address must be respected immediately.
    • E-mail lists must contain simple instructions on how to get off the list.
  • On top of the rules above our Internet Service Providers (ISP), EuroTrust Secure Hosting, own rules also has to be followed.
    • The rules prohibit erotic, pornographic and illegal material on homepages.
Confirmed opt-in
The user find a mailing list address ---> "I have a mailing list - on a website, ..."
"I would like to receive from your mailing list" ---> mailing list address
Receivers e-mail address <--- "Are you the one you claim to be"
"Yes, I am replying with your random key string" ---> The opt-in has been confirmed! (Save e-mail)

Abuse of the above rules for will result in that you will:

  • be charged a cleanup fee of no less - but not limited to - DKK 500,-.
  • have your account terminated immediately without notice and refund.
  • be reported to your own provider by us as a spammer, where they will presumably disconnect your internet connection as well.
  • be reported to everybody else who have any interest in receiving information about your abuse.
  • ...

Note about the administration of

  • If e-mail is sent to non-existing, the sender will receive an e-mail that explains that his or her e-mail couldn't be delivered. E-mail will receive a copy of the e-mail. This is normal procedure to be able to monitor what happen in the domain, e.g., to see if it experience a Joe Job attach, etc.
    E-mail Postmaster does not read the content of the e-mail (s)he receives unless it is necessary to process them, e.g. to find the right recipient - and E-mail Postmaster of course adhere to professional secrecy.
    Please see this address to read what is experiencing from time to time:
  • E-mail Postmaster may force access to e-mail accounts and alias addresses, for instance in case of suspicion of abuse but this will only happen after the receiver has been informed or if the authorities requires it.
  • E-mail Postmaster will monitor e-mail accounts and alias address and for instance request users to clean up if they keep to many mails on the e-mail server.
  • E-mail Webmaster has authority to see what is stored in each individual users (homepage)catalog.
  • This list is not complete, but gives a picture of what administrators may and are allowed to do on the

This page is maintained by E-mail

Created July 2, 2002; Updated October 20, 2002 .

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